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We have helped brands and businesses to stand out with outclass products and experiences. Our delivery process takes care of all the touch points from discovery to development.

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Everything you need to know to get started

How to get started?

The first step is to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form. We would get back to you quickly with a discovery call. In the discovery call, we sit with you with analyzing, understanding, and learning your requirements. After that, we plan everything out and reach back to you with our price and feasibility proposal. Then it’s lightning fast as we work on making your project a reality.

How much can my project cost?

We charge on a project basis so to come up with a price, we’ll need to estimate the time and resources needed to complete the task.

What sectors do you specialize in?

We are the whole package! We work with small and mid-sized businesses, corporations, and SaaS-based startups.

What’s the average project duration?

We would have a dedicated full-time team dedicated to your project but the overall duration depends on the initial estimate. Normally it takes from 3 weeks to 5 months depending on the project.

How long does it take you to reach back with an estimate?

We don’t like our customers to wait. After the discovery call, we’d get back to you within 24 hours with an estimate and a roadmap of your project.

What do I need to bring to the first discovery call?

You just need to bring the idea you want to work on and from there we would make your idea into a reality.

What would be the structure of the project?

Normally you would have a dedicated resource (Project Manager) that would be in constant communication with you regarding the progress of your project. Depending on the scope of the project the normal team for your project will be like this:

Project Manager
UI/UX specialist
Frontend Developer(s)
Backend Developer(s)
Head of Development

We might arrange a weekly meeting with you to discuss the progress and roadmap of the project.

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