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Creating a whole new identity and a scalable brand for Les Ramettes

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The client

Les Ramettes specializes in manufacturing a range of high-quality and eco-friendly reams of paper products for the printing and publishing industries. They work closely with suppliers to ensure a reliable supply of raw materials, and with customers to understand their needs and preferences.

Les Ramettes uses advanced technology and processes to produce reams of paper products that meets strict quality standards and customer requirements.

Based in France, Les Ramettes is proving to be the new standard in paper manufacturing industry.


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Challenge and objectives

Les Ramettes approached us to help them stand out from their competitors and create a more memorable brand experience. Our task was to design a visual identity that highlighted Les Ramettes’s unique value proposition. We also needed to develop clear messaging that spoke directly to user base.

We needed to make sure that the visuals and messaging experience on their communication channels resonate with their worldwide customers.

The solution

After an extensive competitive research and proposals, we crafted a comprehensive rebrand with a new visual identity system and messaging/positioning strategy that distinguishes them from their competitors.


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Visual Identity

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Strategic visual evolution.

We started the process by conducting market research to define Les Ramettes’s competitors and target audience, aligning expectations along the way in order to establish a strong and coherent brand. The purpose of this research was also to gain insight into the current industry landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation. This initial research helped guide the conceptualization and collaborative approach to develop the new Les Ramettes brand and visual identity.

We then created a visual direction for the brand that included a color palette, typography, and imagery. We ensured that the chosen elements were coherent with the brand's personality and positioning, enabling effective communication with the target audience.

We’ve defined a very own-able and expressive color palette, reflecting the natural and fresh personality. We used more natural colors, combining light and darker tones to provide depth and maturity to the brand.

We used a simple, geometric yet dynamic sans serif typeface to complement the Les Ramettes platform perfectly and offer flexibility and consistency across all touch points.

The result

Les Ramettes' new visual identity is a complete departure from their previous look, thanks to our collaboration with the founders. The new brand has a fresh, modern and eco-friendly appearance that sets them apart from their competitors.

Les Ramettes successfully implemented our messaging and visual identity guidelines across all communication channels, creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience for their customers. As a result of our collaboration, Les Ramettes saw a significant increase in website traffic, customer engagement and sales.

The feedback from both the Les Ramettes team and their customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on how much they love the new visual identity. The brand has gained many new customers who resonate with their values of providing high-quality and eco-friendly paper products. We are proud to have helped Les Ramettes achieve such fantastic results through our research and design solutions.


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