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About Capmad

Capmad emerges as a pioneering web-based global economic press magazine, setting a new standard for comprehensive economic understanding.

By seamlessly integrating Unique Data, Expert Analysis, and Innovative Solutions, Capmad presents a unified platform that provides an encompassing perspective on the world's industries. Through a fusion of meticulously curated global data and insights from in-house experts and industry thought leaders, users gain access to potent analytics and customizable tools, reshaping the landscape of economic intelligence and opportunity identification.


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Challenge and objectives

Throughout the branding and strategy process, Capmad encountered a series of intricate challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The alignment of Unique Data, Expert Analysis, and Innovative Solutions on a unified platform posed a conceptual hurdle. Moreover, translating this multidimensional concept into a cohesive visual identity and wire framing proved to be a nuanced undertaking.

The primary objective was to synthesize these complex elements into a seamless narrative that resonated with the audience, capturing the essence of global economic connectivity while fostering user engagement and clarity.

The solution

Capmad embarked on a comprehensive branding and design journey, crafting a solution that surpassed expectations. The branding initiative extended beyond the visual realm, encompassing the entire spectrum of identity.

From devising a captivating logo to establishing brand guidelines, our team intricately wove together a narrative that encapsulated Capmad's essence. Simultaneously, the UI/UX and wireframing process for the website design was meticulously curated to ensure an intuitive user experience that mirrored the platform's unified concept.

This holistic approach extended to marketing materials, where we envisioned and executed compelling posts that resonated with the audience. Through our concerted efforts, Capmad's vision was seamlessly transformed into a tangible and engaging reality, transcending the complexities that emerged during the journey.


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An expressive visual evolution as a key to future success.

The visual evolution for Capmad commenced with comprehensive market research, shaping a brand strategy that resonated with its audience and set it apart. This research provided a foundation for a collaborative development process, guiding the creation of Capmad's new visual identity.

A distinctive color palette was curated, drawing from natural and fresh tones to mirror Capmad's global outlook. Complemented by a dynamic sans-serif typeface, the visual elements were designed to communicate Capmad's multifaceted persona while ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. This strategic visual journey captures the essence of Capmad, merging research, creativity, and identity into a powerful brand statement.

Website and UX development.

In the sphere of website and UX development, our strategy for Capmad was founded on a meticulous process that seamlessly integrated functionality and aesthetics. We initiated the journey by thoroughly comprehending Capmad's objectives and user expectations, which in turn shaped an intuitive and captivating user experience. By delving into user research and constructing user personas and journey maps, we were able to effectively empathize with the audience's requirements.

Translating these insights into a tangible digital reality, we employed an extensive wireframing process that served as the architectural framework for Capmad's website. These wireframes strategically outlined the positioning and functionality of each element, maintaining a fluid and user-centric journey. Our UX design philosophy, rooted in simplicity and coherence, resonated with Capmad's vision of global connectivity. The culmination is a website that not only embodies Capmad's essence but also presents a harmonious blend of aesthetics and user-centric navigation, offering an immersive digital experience.

New design language and website architecture.

With a focus on creating a seamless and user-friendly experience, we carefully designed the Capmad website's interface. Through intuitive navigation, cohesive layouts, and a harmonious color scheme, we aimed to provide engaging interactions that enhance the overall user experience. Our design approach prioritized clarity and accessibility, ensuring that users could effortlessly explore Capmad's wealth of economic insights and opportunities.

Brand coherent experience

The entire website and its individual pages were meticulously crafted to embody the very essence of Capmad's distinctive brand voice. Each element, from the homepage to specialized sections, was thoughtfully designed to resonate with Capmad's mission of global economic connectivity. The seamless integration of visual identity, intuitive navigation, and compelling content ensures that every visitor experiences the brand's ethos and values across the entirety of the website.

The result

Through a dynamic and collaborative process, we efficiently introduced Capmad's refreshed visual identity and enriched web experience. Our anticipation grows as we look forward to witnessing the tangible impact of our collective vision for their innovative platform. With various channels available, Capmad's reach extends to connect individuals, companies, and audiences worldwide with the latest economic news and insights, solidifying its position as a pioneering web-based global economic press magazine.


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